Full mouth Rehabilitation with Basal dental implant

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We understand your fear, anxiety regarding dental implant treatment.That is why ,we take so much care in our consultaion, treatment procedure and follow ups!!

Most of the people who deserve dental implant treatment does not avail it due to huge cost involved escpecially in USA ,UK, AUSTRALIA and even in INDIA. They live with the dental disability compromising the quality of life. This causes social, health and personality problems. We offer inexpensive, high quality dental implant treatment in india. True savings of  75% in cost in dental implant treatment compared to other countries.

Our aim is to to help every patient to get their smile and confidence back by having fixed teeth ..

Dr.Murugavel recieved an award as "MOST PROMISING DENTAL IMPLANTOLOGIST IN SOUTH INDIA" From NDTV Profit and Big Research team. The Award was given by Mr.Krishnamachari Srikanth.

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Best clinic for dental implant tourism award to BEST LASER DENTAL CLINIC -INDIA

Dr Murugavel MDS-OMFS Getting an award as Best dental implantologies