Mr. Dennis Campbell, Australia dental implant testimonial

dental implant testimonial

A note of thanks from Coffs Harbour Australia

Hello and greetings to all of you at Best Dental ...
Firstly, may I offer my sincere thanks for the professional and caring dental treatment I received from Dr Murugavel and his wonderful staff. Not only did you all make my visit to Chennai very enjoyable, I have returned to Australia very happy with my new teeth. Apart from a little gum sensitivity around the two implants everything has settled down okay. I do however resist biting with my implanted incisor - I know it is firmly embedded in my jawbone - but I worry it will be dislodged if I bite down too hard.
Many people I have spoken to since my return have also been interested to see the result and I have passed on your details - I hope that interest translates into business for you. For most I would recommend they take accommodation at the EMall Hotel despite the distance from your surgery.
Thank you once again for doing an excellent job.
Kind regards
Dennis Campbell

Full Mouth Dental Implant in India

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