Mr.Bill McDonald from USA

Able to smile again:

Hai! I'm Bill Mcdonald from washington of America, I suffered a lot with my teeth, at the age of 16, I was wearing dentures for my upper front teeth,I had lot of embarrassment, emotionally and physically suffered a lot. Then I started to look for something better than I had. I researched and read about implants in many countries in the last couple of years. I had the fortune to see the website of Best laser dental clinic in India. I talked to the doctor here and made plans to come here. That's the best decision I made for myself in my life.

From the moment I landed here I was picked up from the airport in the middle of night. The people here took such amazing care for me in everything. They put me completely at ease. The pain during the treatment was very minimal. The teeth were great from the moment thy put in. Feels so natural, able to smile again. It changed my life completely, opens the possibility of so many better things to come in my life. Looking forward to eat that whatever I wanted to eat. I truly wish all the people who work here the best life.