Mr.Mohammed Ali from USA

Eating apple after 20 years:

Hello! my name is Mohammed Ali, I live in USA, I was having bad teeth for so many years. Had problem with chewing food and bad breath. First I visited dentist in US they recommend me to remove all my teeth and to wear dentures. The reason for denture is I was lacking bone so its not possible to do implant. My friend suggested me there are dental clinics in Chennai, India with same quality as US with cheaper price. After I went through all the websites and testimonials and I found Best laser dental clinic. They replied me promptly and I got confidence for going to India for dental implants.

I came India 6 months back for my implants and temporary teeth. Dr. Murugavel and Dr. Arifa did treatment for me. They are having the best technology and computerised anesthetics. I was so scared , the team here gave me confidence and they are very hospitable. I assure you will not feel the pain. I came back for my permanent teeth. Now I'm able to chew lots of food. I bite apple with my teeth after 20years. I used to cut into pieces and take before.

Thanks to Dr. Murugavel for his expertise, thanks to Dr. Arifa and Dr. Sruthi I always remember them. I recommend everybody who needs implant treatment, because they are worth for your time, worth for your money and worth for your life.

Full Mouth Dental Implant in India

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