Mr.Vachira, Califonia, USA

I love my new teeth:

dental implants canada

dental implants canada

Dear Dr. Murugavel,

Thank you Dr. Murugavel! I want you to know that I am extremely happy how my teeth turn out.

Being from the US, I have many choices regarding doing the total mouth implants but they were all too expensive for my budget. Having done a lot of research on the net, I've found Best Laser Dental Clinic in Chennai, India was the best choice for me. After a few consultation emails with Dr. Murugavel and a review of my panoramic x-ray, I felt that he was the right Doctor for me.

All of my worries were gone once I met Dr. Murugavel in person. He is an expert in his field and he a caring, gentleman. From my first consultation I have always felt that I am in good, capable hands. I really appreciate his consideration and thoughtfulness regarding my questions and my feelings. The whole process went very smoothly. From the surgery to final inspection, I felt little pain and little discomfort. (remember that I have the whole mouth implants done) I did not have any side effect and everything felt fine after the surgery. Throughout the whole procedures, Dr. Murugavel and his team was very thorough and professional. They were constantly attentive to my needs and how I felt.

I really appreciated the fact that I was consulted at all the stages of the process. He made sure that I am completely happy with the fitting and the look of my new teeth. He took over 2 hours to make sure everything is exactly how I like it.

Special thanks to his team, Dr. Bala. She is a precious lady that spent a lot of time taking care of me.

I would recommend Dr. Murugavel and Dr. Bala to anyone that is in need of dental implants, especially whole mouth. He is one of the best in the business period! I love my new teeth!

V. Vachira
California, US

Full Mouth Dental Implant in India

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